Frequently Asked Remodeling Questions

Why Do I Need to Hire a Quality Contractor?

Whether you have an insurance loss or you want to remodel, hiring a quality contractor is very important. It is important because you will be sharing your home with your contractor and possibly many tradespeople. Your home’s integrity could be compromised during the restoration process because of unqualified/unlicensed subcontractors.

All South Restoration & Remodeling, Inc.
How Do We Guarantee Your Peace of Mind?

We guarantee your peace of mind through experienced and certified personnel who are experienced in the restoration and reconstruction industry.

Why Would I Need an Insurance Claim Repair & Mitigation Specialist?

The main reason that you would want to use a specialist in insurance claim handling is simple, you have less to worry about when it comes to dealing and negotiating with your insurance company.

What About Building Permits?

At All South Restoration & Remodeling we will advise you if a building permit is necessary. If you do need permits, then we will prepare and submit the documents needed. We will meet with the inspector once the work has been completed to inspect all the work the governing municipality performed.

Our Reconstruction & Restoration Process

We have a simple process in place to ensure that your damaged property gets restored as quickly and efficiently as possible while giving you the peace of mind you should expect when working with an expert restoration company in Atlanta!

Fire & Smoke Restoration FAQs

Storm & Catastrophe Reconstruction FAQs

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