Frequently Asked Restoration Questions

General Questions

Should I Really Use A Restoration Company?

All South Restoration & Remodeling, Inc.
Yes. Unless you have a construction background or a General Contractor License you should at least talk with a restoration company. Depending on your situation, you might need building permits, the knowledge to follow building codes, and the experience to manage a crew of laborers to do the work; you would have to be the General Contractor at your home.

Some good questions to ask yourself are: Do you have the time, construction experience, construction management skills, and insurance claim management knowledge to handle the project? Do you want to be responsible if the people you hire get seriously hurt, do poor quality work, or steal personal belongings from your home? Is it worth your home, your  family, or your future security?

At All South Restoration & Remodeling we are general contractors, licensed to work in Georgia and insured to cover all our workers that work in your home. We also give a warranty on all our work and we stand behind it. This gives you the peace of mind that if something went wrong; our insurance covers our workers, employees, and work so you are not held liable to cover the cost. We also have a drug-free policy and we put our workers through extensive background checks. Even if you decide not to use us at All South Restoration & Remodeling, we still strongly encourage you to use a professional, licensed, and insured restoration company to help you get your house back to being your home.

What are your services areas?

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Do You Provide a Written Warranty?

Yes, we provide you with written warranty on our workmanship. If there is a manufacturer’s warranty, then we help enforce it if there were defective products that were used. In over 19 years in business we have stood behind every warranty that we have written.

Fire and Smoke Restoration FAQs

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration is the process of returning your property to its pre-loss condition.  This process includes replacing, repairing, and cleaning the damaged areas of your home.  This includes estimating and securing an agreed price of repair with your insurance adjuster if a claim is filed and covered under your insurance policy.

Should I use a Fire & Smoke Damage Professional Restoration Company?

A professional restoration contractor is the best choice when dealing with fire and smoke related issues.  The training and experience a restoration contractor brings to a fire damage project will help to ensure the project gets completed with no subsequent hidden damage and smoke odor issues manifesting themselves months or years later.

What should I do about my Personal Contents after a fire?

Your restoration contractor can provide contact information and assistance to have your personal items removed, cleaned, and stored during the reconstruction of your home.  Content companies, working with your insurance adjuster, can assist in salvaging, inventory, packing out the contents before repairs to your home start.  Your contents can then be packed-in and reset upon completion of the repairs.

Water & Mold FAQs

Why Hire a Professional Water Mitigation Company?

Professional mitigation companies have the equipment, the experience, and the knowledge to rapidly and effectively remove water and residual moisture from floors, walls, and surfaces.  We can test to determine the full extent water and moisture has migrated through a structure and set up equipment needed to properly dry and remove unseen moisture.  We can also monitor and prepare the documentation required by the insurance company in order to facilitate the claims process and payment.

Why Should I Use a Mold Remediation Company?

The reasons to use a professional mold remediation company are identical to water mitigation companies.  Equipment, experience, and knowledge, are essential to properly contain and remove mold safely from a home or building.  Also, certain steps should be taken during the remediation process to help prevent the return of mold or other contamination.

How Do I Prevent Mold?

Mold is present everywhere and at anytime.  The different types and amounts can vary due to outdoor/indoor conditions but, it usually has one common element, which is moisture.  Moisture is needed for mold to reproduce and colonize to the point that it can be detected by humans through smell and sight.  The key to keeping mold growth down to an acceptable level is to keep susceptible areas or rooms totally dry.  Further steps can be taken during a remediation including the application of certain natural and chemical products, to keep mold from becoming a problem later.

What Needs to be Done After the Remediation is Completed?

It is a good idea to have the affected area post tested for any residual mold.  A post test can verify if a mold remediation project was performed successfully.  This is best done by a third party company that specializes in providing testing and preparing reports on the results.

Storm & Catastrophe Reconstruction FAQs

Should I Use a Professional Restoration Company?

A professional restoration contractor is the best choice when dealing with storm and catastrophic situations.  The training and experience a restoration contractor brings to a storm damage project will help to ensure the project gets off to a proper start by mitigation further damage and stabilizing your home by protecting it using board up services, tarps, and drying it immediately after damaged has occurred.  A restoration contractor will be able to perform the repairs and can address any potential hidden damage issues to ensure the home is completely restored to its pre-loss condition.

What is your action plan for my problem?

While each situation is unique, the overall approach is to first stabilize the affected areas to prevent further damage.  This is something most insurance policies require of their policyholder in the event of a storm event.  A thorough evaluation will be conducted and a detailed estimate will then be submitted to obtain an agreed price of repair with your insurance adjuster.  Once the agreed price of repair is reached, the repairs can be scheduled with your contractor.

Will You Be Able to Work With My Insurance Company?

Through the use of an estimating program called Xactimate, we can secure and agreed price of repair with your insurance company.  Using this program, we can prepare a thorough scope of repairs needed for your home and the only out of pocket cost you should expect is your insurance deductible.  We are listed on several insurance company’s vendor programs which means we have met their criteria and have experience working directly with their adjusters.

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