All South Restoration & Remodeling’s Storm Damage Restoration Process


1: Assess the Scope of Damage To Your Home:

  • Our professional estimator will consult with you about the damage and get the emergency services crews on their way to your home (if needed).
  • We meet with you at your home to assess the damage and provide a personal consultation.
  • Ww talk with you about our process and answer any questions you might have.

2: Emergency Services (if needed):

  • Contents: remove all your contents from your home to get cleaned and restored.
  • Board-Up: Board-up all areas exposed to the outside environment.
  • Tarping: Tarp your roof if your roof is damaged.
  • Structural Support: If needed, support structures for tarping and board-up.
  • Extraction: If we are allowed, extract water damage and damaged items from your home to prevent further damage.

3: Prepare An Estimate For Damages For You And Your Insurance Company:

  • The estimator will come prepare a detailed computerized estimate in Xactimate for all damages and services provided for you and your insurance company.
  • Send a copy of the estimate to you (usually by email) and let your review it.
  • Send a copy of the estimate to your insurance company’s claims adjuster.

4: Work With You & Your Insurance Company to Get an Agreed Price:

  • Review the estimate with you and your insurance company to get an agreed price for all work to be performed.
  • All parties agree on the work to be performed.

5: Schedule Work:

  • Set work schedule for work to be performed.
  • Let you know schedule and keep you informed on progress.
  • Get permits from your local municipality to start work (if needed).

6: Remove Damaged Materials From Home:

  • Extract damaged materials from home.
  • Remove all other debris in your home that has damage (demolition day).

7: Install Equipment - Temporary Power, Lights, Other Equipment As Needed:

  • If the fire department pulled your power meter, then we will install a temporary power pole.
  • Install lights in your home for our workers.
  • Install equipment to dry moisture and control the odor (in needed).

8: Continually Check Progress And Keep You Informed:

  • Your project manager will continually check on the progress of work.
  • Keep you informed about the progress.

9: All Structural And Cosmetic Work Completed:

  • All structural repairs are completed.
  • You pick the colors of the paint, tile, cabinets, and/or any other cosmetic appeal.
  • Complete all the cosmetic work.

10: Move Contents Back In:

  • One of the last steps is moving your contents back into your home.
  • Go through contents to make sure you have everything and in good condition.

11: You Move Back Into Your Home: (if you were displaced)

  • Move back into your home.
  • If you changed your mailing address, then changed your address back to your home.

12: Follow-up With You For Job Satisfaction:

  • Follow-up with you and your insurance company to make sure everything is completed.
  • Get a job certificate of completion after your scope of work is satisfied.

13: Send An Invoice For Payment After Job Is Completed:

  • Send an invoice to you and your insurance company for final payment.
  • If you have a deductible or upgrades to your home that were not covered under your claim, then a separate line item will appear on your invoice.

14: You Are Happy And Your Home Is Back To Normal:

  • Your life and home are back to normal and you can enjoy being home again.
  • A call from our quality assurance department to ask how we did.
  • If you have another project around your home, we can probably help you out.

We Think of Everything

Remodeling a property is a stressful job. That’s why you should leave it to us. We consider everything from building permits, workers’ compensations to liability insurance. Try All South Restoration & Remodeling in Atlanta, GA today!