DIY or Call in the Pros?

While it is admirable to take on your own work, it is also important to know when to ask for help!

With all the YouTube videos and websites that show people how to do everything from making a roast to building a deck, is it smart to do home repairs and remodeling projects yourself?

Assessing the degree of difficulty and your skill set is the best place to start.  Be honest about your own capabilities and your tolerance for frustration or unknown issues.  Some jobs require an experienced professional to evaluate before starting to demo fixtures, walls, and floors.

If your plans include structural changes, a professional will consider and anticipate possible stumbling blocks that a DIYer might not.  This is especially important when designs call for an “open concept” floor plan.    A contractor can assess whether walls can be removed or modified and let the homeowner know the most efficient and economical way to achieve the desired look.  Changing walls can also involve having to relocate electrical wiring, plumbing lines, and sometimes HVAC ductwork.  These can sometimes present the biggest challenge to overcome.  It is best to entrust mechanical related items to  trained professionals to provide for the  proper installation and ensure the safety of your home.

All of these considerations are the responsibility of an experienced general contractor and that is why it is important to know your contractor.  Making sure your contractor is licensed, insured, provides a warranty, and has positive customer feedback is important in determining their credibility. 

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