Kitchen Design Tips with Your Family in Mind

Your family may be large or it may be small – no matter if you have one child or multiple children, ensuring your kitchen is kid friendly is essential. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, areas like hard surfaces, hard corners, sharp edges and flammable positions make it an unsafe and dangerous area to spend time making memories with your children.

See our recommendations below for remodeling your kitchen into the true heart of the home for your family and kids.

When you choose your counter top surfaces, you will have plenty of options for the counter top slab details. We recommend using a style with a rounded edge to give more forgiveness when heads bump against them.

LOWERED COUNTER TOP HEIGHTS : Consider lowering a section of counter top to a child-friendly height. By having a kitchen surface well within their reach, children can safely prepare their own food without stretching or standing on other furniture, thus preventing accidents.

TOUCH-FREE FAUCETS : Kids have a hard time turning faucets on and off, and can accidentally kick on water hot enough to burn their skin. Touch-free faucets are the solution and can be pre-set to a safe “start temperature” than can be changed once the faucet is on and running.

KID-FRIENDLY STORAGE : Dedicate a drawer and/or cabinet in the under-cabinet section and organize it with kid’s plates, bowls, cups, and utensils, as well as, some of their favorite snack items. Refrigerator drawers can be great for this too. That way, kids have everything they need at a safe operating level.

When looking to remodel your kitchen, consider implementing some of the above features to ensure your child or children are safe while enjoying the memories of cooking with their parents. Create a kitchen that is truly the heart of your home with All South Restoration. (770) 409-0999!