At All South Restoration, Inc. we work with you to create a bathroom remodeling budget you can live with and one that maximizes your value. We work with you on the list of features you would like to incorporate into your new remodeled bathroom along with the budget you have to work with. Features we discuss include things like upgrading your cabinetry and counter tops, enlarging your shower or creating a more open feel, etc. As we move forward, we continue to gain your input and decision to help focus on your dream space. We do all of this while keeping your budget at the front of our discussion. Our end result is a bathroom that you love within the price range you can afford.

We take the stress out of the remodel by doing the demolition, construction, painting, tiling, plumbing, and electrical. Our ultimate goal is to make your remodeling project as enjoyable as possible while providing you the dream space you have always wanted.

Below is a gallery of bathroom remodel projects we’ve designed and built.  Each new bathroom has it’s own personality that reflects the needs of each individual client.  All South Restoration, Inc. would love to make your new bathroom a reflection of you!

Bathroom Remodel Inquiry