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We offer a wide array of restoration services at All South Restoration, Inc. We are fully capable of handling any damage/restoration project, residential or commercial.

Fire & Smoke Damage    Experiencing a home fire is devastating. From the damage to the unlivable conditions it can displace a family and cause stress. We have a simple process in place to ensure that your fire and smoke damaged property get restored as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Water Damage    As your water mitigation company, we handle all levels of water damage. Regardless of how water damage happened, it is important to know the steps to remedy it quickly. Prompt drying minimizes damages, reduces repair costs, and prevents mold growth.

Mold Remediation    Do you think you have mold? The first step is to call All South Restoration! We determine the source of moisture and stop it. Water is the cause, mold is the symptom. If you simply remove the mold but do not address the moisture problem, mold will return. We are the premier and trusted mold remediation provider in the entire metro Atlanta area. Let us safely and efficiently remove all the mold damage from your home or business.

Storm Damage    Disasters and storms cause damage to properties when least expected. When storms approach, strong winds, lightning, and downs trees or hail can cause substantial damage to your home. If you are in a storm damage situation, All South Restoration, Inc. can help. We provide a complete line of emergency response services to mitigate damages resulting from storm damage. Our professionals are trained to guide and consult with you about the emergency and restoration process to your home.



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